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Membership As a society we can deal with members only and we can provide financial services to our members and can accept deposits and lend to our members only.

Who can be a member of the society ?

Any person who has attained the age of 18 years, is capable of entering a valid contract, member of Hindu undivided family, Business, a company registered under companies Act, a partnership firm, a limited liability partnership firm, any trust, Institutions etc. can become a member of the Society .

How can one join the society ?

The application for membership of the society shall be submitted by the applicant at any of the branches of the society, in the prescribed form and KYC documents such as :

  • Id Proof (any like Voter Id card, Aadhar Card, Pan Card etc.)
  • Address Proof (Electricity/Water Bill, Compulsory)
  • Rent Agreement (In case of tenant . Electricity/Water bill of Landlord compulsory)
  • Latest passport size Photos (2)


  • Offers higher Interest rates on deposits.(More than BANKS)
  • No TDS is deducted on the Interest earned on the deposits.
  • Wide ranges of Schemes.
  • Hassle Free Loan Products.
  • Full transparency.


Share Money ₹ 500/-
Compulsory Deposit (C.D.) ₹ 300/-
Kalyan Fund ₹ 200/-
Building Fund ₹ 200/-
Miscellaneous Receipts ₹ 100/-
Admission Fee ₹ 50/-
Total ₹ 1350/-

- No doubt you can apply for more shares, which will be allotted to you as per the discretion of the management of the Society.

- We are truly professional and our staffs are also cooperative and friendly.

* The right to accept/reject Membership application/s are reserved with the Management of the society.