Loan Against Fixed deposit

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Loan against fixed deposit is given in the form of an overdraft against your deposited amount. This is an alternative given to you instead of breaking the deposit prematurely.

How much loan is allowed?

Loan in the range of 80% to 90% of the deposit amount.

Interest rate on the loan

Interest rate charged on the loan given on a fixed deposit is 14%.

Processing fees

No Processung fees.

Tenure and payment procedure

The maximum loan tenure offered for loan against fixed deposit is the term of the deposit itself. Where you pay EMI’s on a regular basis or as decided by the Society.

Foreclosure of the loan

Society usually does not levy any penalty in case of foreclosure on the loan against fixed deposit.


You will continue to earn interest on the deposit though you have availed a loan against it. Remember that you cannot close or break the fixed deposit after availing the loan on account of ‘right to lien’ clause of the Society. Also, there will not be any kind of tax benefits or deductions for interest paid on this loan.

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